Library Utrecht Science Park

Questions? Mail to or call +31 (0)30 2536115

Library City Centre


Questions? Mail to or call +31 (0)30 2536115

Book a study space

Welcome to the library, please make sure you keep to the government and Utrecht University rules.

How does it work?

  • Make a reservation online by selecting the location, then a study space. You will receive a confirmation email.
  • At the reception desk on location, show your proof of identity and the confirmation email you received.
  • Check in at the study space by scanning the QR code on the table*, use the one-time code you’ve received in the confirmation email. Don’t forget to check in, otherwise your place will be released after thirty minutes
  • When you leave or leave earlier, scan the QR code again to check out.

Good luck with studying!

* Beware of phishing. The QR codes on the tables do not ask for your password, you will be directed immediately to the booking system. Check if this conforms to the confirmation email you received.

Opening hours