Do you want to study at the library? There is a variety of study spaces: 

Openly available study spaces - for everyone
No reservation required. During exam periods only available for UU students. 

 These spaces can be recognised by green stickers on the tables.
 City Centre: zones B, C, D and E. 
 Utrecht Science Park: ground floor, mezzanine, first and second floor.


Bookable study spaces - only for UU
Reservations only (can be reserved max. 2 days ahead). 

Reserve a study space

 Reserve now: City Centre
 Reserve now: Utrecht Science park


Bookable group spaces - only for UU
One group member reserves the room max. 2 days ahead (min.2h-max.4h).

 Reserve now: City Centre
 Reserve now: Utrecht Science park



Just collecting (digital) collection? You don’t have to make an appointment.

For more information, opening hours and house rules, check our website.
We hope to see you in the library.


Meeting rooms: UU Staff ONLY


 Reserve now: City Centre


 Reserve now: Utrecht Science Park

Working spaces: REBO Staff ONLY


 Reserve now: Janskerkhof 3 


 Reserve now: Adam smith hall